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DOMS Industries Limited, as we know it today, traces its lineage back to over 4 decades, with the formation of a partnership firm, ‘R.R. Industries’ by our founders, Late Shri Rasiklal Amritlal Raveshia and Late Shri Mansukhlal Jamnadas Rajani, which over the years undertook the business of manufacturing and sale of scholastic stationery; scholastic art material; paper stationery; kits and combos; office supplies; hobby and craft; and fine art products.


APAR Industries was started in 1958, in India. Over 60 years later, we have grown into a diversified billion dollar company, and expanded to over 140 countries as a highly trusted manufacturer and supplier of conductors, a wide variety of cables, speciality oils, polymers and lubricants. At APAR, we have been able to excel at what we do because of who we are: relentless innovators who are constantly pushing ourselves to discover, perfect and deliver tomorrow’s solutions today.

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